About Peter Barber

Award-winning and bestselling author Peter Barber is a native Londoner. Marrying his fiery Greek wife Alexandra not only made him part of a Greek family but also immersed him in Greek life and culture. Fascinated by the people, history and traditions, Peter dove in head first. He wished to be among the locals and experience Greek life first-hand.

The stories

From his cultural and language flubs to the trials and tribulations of rebuilding their home in Glyfada, Peter sometimes got more than he bargained for. But with his signature wit, he found humor in their escapades. And, as he learned more about the Greece’s history, his new family, and modern life in Greece, he knew he had to share his insights. This led to A Parthenon on Our Roof, book one in the Parthenon Series.

When his wife fell in love with a piece of property on the island of Evia, Peter jumped at the chance to fulfil her lifetime dream—to own a home on a Greek island. What ensued reads like a comedy. A Parthenon in Pefki, book two in the Parthenon Series, reveals the trials and tribulations of making a dream come true.

But the adventures aren’t over. So much has happened in Pefki since they built the house. Peter regularly shares essays on Facebook and on his blog. His fans love them so much, that he’s compiled some of the most popular ones into a new series, Musings from a Greek Village. Volume One came out in December 2023.

On writing

Peter enjoys writing about his life with Alexandra in Greece. Not only does he find humor in the everyday, but also his stories allow him to share many of their incredible experiences and visits to idyllic Greek islands, as well as his exploration of traditional foods and the famous hospitality. But he says he writes the books to share the love and kindness shown by the Greeks. He wants the world to know the real Greece, beyond the sun and sand. He reveals the wonderful people, rich history and culture. And with Alexandra at his side, there’s always a party – or some surprise – just around the corner. If you can’t get to Greece, live Greece through his books.

Peter is a proud member of the UK’s Society of Authors.

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