Praise for A Parthenon On Our Roof

‘Reminds me of The Durrells’

‘Peter has written a lovely account of his life in Greece in this easy reading book. It’s full of hilarious tales and I really didn’t want it to finish. If he could write sequels, and perhaps prequels, I think they would make a wonderful television series, especially for those of us who are missing The Durrell’s’.
– Doodle. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 18, 2022

‘Hugely enjoyable book’

‘If you’ve spent any time in Greece, you will laugh out loud. Wonderful beach read’!
– Irena Karafilly. Author of Arrested Song, and The Captive Sun.

‘I was in a beautiful country with a wonderful person bedside me’ – a Greek initiation!’

“British born author Peter Barber presents a thoroughly entertaining memoir of his life as an Anglo man married to a Greek woman – a story that outdistances the ongoing cinematic exploration of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ because of the excellent combination of fact with humor”.
– Grady Harp. Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2022

‘A great read.’

‘What a wonderful piece of travel writing! ‘A Parthenon on Our Roof’ is a non-fiction book that gives you insight on real Greek living from the point of view of a Brit, and it is the perfect escapist read for those who enjoy comedic anecdotes based on real life’.
– Julie Tsang Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 21, 2022

‘Laugh out loud, fabulous book.’

‘Oh my, this book is an absolute delight. I listened on Audible and the Greek music either end of a chapter was perfect. Peter has a lovely way with words, you were transported into the many stories, and I could smell the heady aromas, see the goings on. I love fiery Alex and her family and look forward to more instalments. I thoroughly recommend it to grecophiles and anyone else who enjoys a thoroughly good read’.
– HelloSan Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 January 2023

‘A fun enjoyable read.’

‘The book is well written, with the words flowing smoothly. The writer is very good at painting the picture with emotion but also a good dose of humour. I wasn’t too sure what to make of this when I first started reading but it was a fun witty enjoyable read’.
– H.Taylor. VINE VOICE. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 September 2022

‘Takes you right into Greece!’

‘Right from the beginning of this book, you’re brought into the midst of a Greek family … quirks and all. A really delightful read and you’ll come out of it feeling as if you’ve been in both the heart and the craziness of Greece’.
– Alex Morton. Author. Somewhere Else Reviewed in Canada on 17 September 2022

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