Wildlife on a Greek Beach

Wildlife on a Greek Beach

Greek Beach Adventures…

Today we took Alex’s aged father for a swim. Our local Glyfada beach has wonderful contraptions that can electronically take a person down into the sea in a moving chair. I watched as it slowly transported him into the water and began his swim. When ready to come out, he tried to get back into the chair but struggled. So Alex kicked off her shoes and waded in to help sort him out.

Greek Beach. Image of a wooden walkway over the sandy beach leading to the sea. Straw umbrellas provide shade
It started out as a nice day on a Greek beach.

Meanwhile, I had gone for a walk along the beach and came across a lady sitting under an umbrella reading a book. She had a small, cute looking dog who watched me suspiciously as I passed. An excellent opportunity to try out my Greek, or so I thought.

“Dankónei o skýlos sas?” (Does your dog bite?) I asked the nice lady under the umbrella.

“Ochi” (No), she replied.


Image of a woman on a beach chair on the sand petting a white and tan small at a Greek beach.
He’s cute, right?

I bent down to stroke his head. His lips curled, showing his sharp teeth, then quickly lunged towards my outstretched hand. I pulled back quickly and walked away. But the dog hadn’t finished yet.

Now, back in the sea, Alex had got her father into the electronic chair lift, and he was slowly moving backwards away from the water. Alex hopped around, knee deep in the sea, looking down at her legs. A shoal of passing fish had taken a liking to her toes and were happily trying to make a meal of her.

Not so far away from us on the beach, the dog had slipped his lead, fastened his teeth into my shoes and shook his head in time with loud growling sounds. I shook my foot, trying to dislodge the hound.

Meanwhile, back in the sea, Alex had lifted one leg above the shallow water, and hopped towards the beach trying to escape the ravenous fish. She overtook her aged father and ran towards me, pointing at her nibbled foot. She saw the little blur of teeth and fur attached to my leg and ran the other way. The dog seemed more interested in a moving target, released my leg, and set off in pursuit of Alex.

Fortunately, the dog’s owner got to him before he reached her, and grabbed the trailing lead, pulling him back.


“I thought you said your dog didn’t bite”? I asked her.

“He’s not my dog,” she replied. “I am just looking after him while my friend went to buy an ice cream. My dog is at home.”


Image of a sunny day at a Greek beach. A man wearing a white shirt, dark pans, and a white hat on the beach. A woman with a small dogs sites under an umbrella on the sand close by.
Who knew we’d battle wildlife on a Greek beach?


Inspector Clouseau is alive and well. And on a Greek beach.😂🤣

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